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  3. 'La Luz, La Luz'

    Just a note to say that I will continue posting here but also create that other blog which I realized I need, at this point in time, to be different than what I’d planned originally; more personal (trying to create a map where I haven’t found one yet) and less coherent, which I will be devoting much heart and soul to.

    Thank you dear tumblr Creatives ;) and I may post that link at some point if I feel it could be of value to anyone out there.

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  5. Throwback (a wee bit further back ;) ) Thursday and Happy (slightly belated) one year Tumblr ‘Birthday’ to this blog.

    The first photo was taken (by me) outside Citi Field where an Anti-Internet rally was being held. The second photo (of me) was taken by Mo Gelber at a counter-protest held across from the stadium.

    Some more photos I took at the rally from my archives: here and here and here and here

    While looking back through my archives I realized that I joined Tumblr just a little over a year ago!  I want to take this one year mark to thank the amazing photographer Thliii who somehow found my photos and re-blogged this photoset of ‘the stare’ and ‘the glare’ on Luxlit, without which I may never have come across the community of photographers on tumblr. That photoset was acually taken on my very first street photography expedition with my dear T2i and I remember the pleasure of telling a piece of the unfolding story by stepping back and letting one of the subway poles into the frame to create a physical barrier that I felt mirrored the barrier she was trying to create with her eyes.

  6. Throwback (well, just a little bit back) Thursday

    Rubin Museum of Art bathroom ‘selfie’ with my friend Mimi after a screening of AKIRA. 

    (And a youtube video of the introduction to the screening by Ben Granoff with the backs of our heads on view ;) )

  7. NYC diamond district

    (first photo in black and white here: http://hypaethralsubterrestrial.tumblr.com/image/68815248049 )

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